Everywhere you look, we were thinking of you.

Mercedes-Benz Stadium will leave you wanting more. From the one-of-a-kind halo board, to the open
roof, to the wider seats, you won’t miss a play while sitting comfortably next to your fellow fans.

Mercedes-Benz Stadium capacity reaches a maximum of 71,000 but can expand to 75,000 for events like
Super Bowl LIII. Designed for optimal flow of traffic, we have made our concourses wider and have
created an ability to freely move up, down, and around the stadium on any level.

We have more than double the number of escalators and elevators than the Georgia Dome, and our 200
and 300 level Skybridges provide an opportunity to circulate each level of the stadium regardless
of the ticket you may have.

The Skybridges themselves will be social gathering places on gameday as will the several bars that
provide open views to the field below.

The largest social gathering space will be the 100,000-square foot Fan Plaza that will become a lively
destination pre–game and allow you to move in and out of the stadium with ease.