EBO Plan

The Equal Business Opportunity plan announced on May 24, 2013 formalized commitments
contained in a Tri-Party Memorandum of Understanding (Tri-Party MOU) completed on
April 5, 2013, between the Falcons’ stadium development company (StadCo),
the Georgia World Congress Center Authority and Invest Atlanta.

From the inception of the new stadium project discussions, StadCo has stated its commitment
to complying with all applicable legal requirements for the achievement of equal opportunities
in employment and contracting on the new stadium. The EBO Plan details policies and procedures
for achieving a minimum goal of 31 percent participation by minority and female business enterprises
(M/FBEs) in the design and construction of the new stadium. The plan also contains requirements
for reporting and monitoring participation, and describes the assistance that Invest Atlanta
and the Georgia World Congress Center Authority will provide in meeting the participation goal.

“The EBO Plan completed today lays out a thorough and transparent process for encouraging and engaging
qualified minority and female businesses in the new stadium project,” Atlanta Falcons President and
CEO Rich McKay said. “This plan provides a roadmap for us, as well as our architects and general
contractors, to achieve our goals.”

In order to be counted towards the 31 percent participation goal, each M/FBE must be considered a
“Georgia Certified Contractor or Vendor,” requiring certification in the City of Atlanta’s Equal
Business Opportunity Program as a Female Business Enterprise (FBE), an African American Business
Enterprise (AABE), an Asian (Pacific Islander) American Business Enterprise (APABE), or a Hispanic
American Business Enterprise (HABE).

M/FBEs seeking additional information regarding the City of Atlanta certification process may access
the City of Atlanta’s Office of Contract Compliance web site.

EBO Plan: Equal Business Opportunity Plan (PDF)