Fan-First Experience


Designed For the Fan

Mercedes-Benz Stadium was designed with you, the fan, in mind. We’ve thought through your experience, from driveway to driveway, in order to create an experience that matches your needs.

Improving the Entry Experience

We’ve heard your feedback about getting to and into the stadium and we’ve taken steps to get you here as quickly as possible.

  1. We’ve partnered with Waze to provide you with turn-by-turn navigation to your parking lot. Waze allows us to program street closures and traffic patterns into their maps so that you will receive the most efficient route possible.
  2. We’ve reengineered the gate entry experience to ensure you can get into the building in 5 minutes or less. By using walk through magnetometers for security and new turnstiles, the gates have 40% more capacity than the Georgia Dome.

New Pre-Game Experiences for all Fans

You’re going to want to arrive early in order to experience everything Mercedes-Benz Stadium has to offer.

  1. American Family Insurance Fan Village is an energetic, open space for all fans to gather pre and post game and enjoy food, beverages, and various entertainment and hospitality activations.
  2. Inside security on the front porch of the stadium, the 61,000 square foot outdoor fan plaza is an area for ticketed guests to enjoy live entertainment, food and beverages before, during, and after the event.
  3. Take advantage of our Fan First Pricing for concessions and eat and tailgate inside the stadium with your family and friends.


Socialize with Your Friends

Mercedes-Benz Stadium is built with several different areas for you to congregate with your friends and view the game.

  1. The Sky Bridges, located by the Window to the city are open to all fans and allow you to experience some of the best views of the field and the city.
  2. The 100 Yard Club, located on the 300 level, will provide fans a unique area of concessions and bars to hang out with friends. With TVs spread out through the area, you won’t have to worry about missing a minute of the game action
  3. The 200 Concourse Lounge will provide some of the best views of the stadium. Located above the west end zone, it provides views of the bowl and the window to the city. This high tech area will have TVs throughout to keep you up to date with everything going on during the game.
  4. Explore the stadium at will. The concourses have been designed to allow any fan to walk around every level of the stadium. Have a 300 concourse ticket but want to visit a concession stand on the 100 concourse, go right ahead!

Fan Comfort

We have architected the entire stadium with your comfort in mind.

  1. Seats in the Mercedes-Benz Stadium will be 21 inches wide, 2 inches wider than the seats in the Georgia Dome.
  2. The Window to the City, retractable roof, and ETFE panels will bring natural light into the stadium making it feel like an outdoor environment, with the comfort and temperature of an indoor stadium.
  3. 22% more restroom fixtures for men and 30% more for women.
  4. The robust wireless and cellular network in the stadium will enable fans to stay connected at all times.


All of these features and comforts are just the beginning. It is our goal to continually evolve the stadium to meet your changing needs.