Technology & Video Displays


Mercedes-Benz Stadium has been engineered to create an expansive, immersive viewing experience that keeps you connected to the game, no matter where you may be. With 91,480 square feet of LED video displays in the building, you will have more displays than any stadium in the world!

360-degree HD Video Halo Board

Our centerpiece, the largest video board in professional sports, will give you 63,000-square feet of screen to view live action, highlights, iso-cameras, and more. Checking in at 58 feet tall, this board will allow us to truly redefine the in-stadium fan experience, providing you with everything you can get at home and more.




The mega column is a four-sided display covering a building support structure with usable video space to entertain fans. At a total of 6,700 square feet, approximately 101 feet high by 71 feet around, the mega column has more square footage than the main video displays at 19 professional football venues and 24 major league venues for baseball.


Stay in the Game

With 2,000 TV screens around the concourses and a state-of-the-art audio system, you will never have to worry about missing a play. Interested in how other games around the leagues or your fantasy players are doing? Visit our clubs, bars or common areas throughout the stadium to watch.

Stay Connected at All Times

By partnering with IBM to create a “smarter stadium,” you will be able to stay connected with everything inside and outside the stadium. With over 1,800 wireless access points, 4,000 miles of fiber, optimized cell service, and a mobile app designed to be your stadium remote control, you have the ability to enjoy events and games in YOUR way.

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