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Relocation FAQ

How will the seat relocation process work for current season ticket holders?

In an effort to provide the utmost service to all Falcons fans, we are segmenting the relocation process based upon your current stadium level at the Georgia Dome.

The following schedule below will detail the anticipated timeline to secure your seats:

100 Level Accounts – (June 1st, 2015-July 10th, 2015)

200 Level Accounts – (July 13th, 2015-August 14th, 2015)

300 Level Accounts – (August 17th-September 18th, 2015)

*All dates are subject to change.

Be assured that although we are segmenting our contact with season ticket holders, you have priority in reserving your reasonable comparable allocated seats at Mercedes-Benz Stadium prior to other stadium levels, those on the waitlist or the general public.

What priority do I have to purchase comparable seats?

As a current Georgia Dome Executive Member and/or Falcons season ticket holder, you will be allocated a reasonably comparable seat location in Mercedes-Benz Stadium based upon your current seat(s) at the Georgia Dome.

What are my options as a season ticket holder?

  • Allocated Seat – Every effort has been made to provide you with a seat allocation in Mercedes-Benz Stadium that is reasonably comparable to your current seat(s) at the Georgia Dome. As a Falcons season ticket holder, you have priority to purchase your allocated seat(s).
  • Alternative Selection – If you would like to purchase a different seat location than the one allocated to you, you will be asked to fill out a relocation preference form indicating your first and second seating preferences. Based on your current seniority order, you will have an opportunity to select your new location following those season ticket holders who are currently assigned seats in your preferred seating location.

What is a Personal Seat License (PSL) and what benefits does it provide?

Mercedes-Benz Stadium will sell a Personal Seat License, or PSL, for all non-suite seats in the stadium. PSLs are a one-time fee and a common form of financing for building new stadiums or undergoing large-scale renovations of sporting venues.

Purchasing a PSL provides you with the Following Benefits:

(Subject to the terms and conditions of the PSL)

  • Ownership: You have the right to own your PSL through the term of the stadium lease (minimum of 30 years).
  • Access: As a PSL owner, you will have exclusive opportunities to purchase tickets to other events hosted at Mercedes-Benz Stadium prior to the general public.
  • Transferability: You have the right to transfer your PSL to a member of your immediate family or to a third party.
  • Right to Sell: You have the right to re-sell your PSL to a third party.
Other FAQ

How will I receive more information?

Prior to your specific relocation phase beginning, our team will provide you with an email, letter and detailed brochure outlining the relocation process and the steps necessary to book your new stadium Preview Center experience. The email will link directly to our new stadium Preview Center Appointment Calendar making it easy for you to book your preferred relocation meeting date and time.

What is the Mercedes-Benz Stadium Preview Center?

Located in Atlanta, the Mercedes-Benz Stadium Preview Center is a place where current season ticket holders will be able to utilize the latest in digital stadium technology to conceptualize the new stadium experience and its various seating options. Our sales consultants will guide fans interactively through the preview center, answering any questions along the way to ensure the highest quality of service during the seat relocation process.


Where is the Mercedes-Benz Stadium Preview Center located?

The Mercedes-Benz Stadium Preview Center is located at 3284 Northside Parkway NW, Suite 100 in Atlanta near Highway 75 and West Paces Ferry. For additional questions, the new Atlanta stadium sales & service team can be reached directly at 678-686-4400.

Please Note: The Preview Center will not be open to the general public until after all current Executive Members and Falcons season ticket holders have had the chance to visit.

Will there be various PSL payment options offered?

There will be multiple payment options available to our fans to pay off the one-time PSL fees including short-term installment plans and a 10-year annual financing. In addition, customers can pay off the PSL balance with no interest on or before March 1st of 2017.

Will my season ticket seniority factor into my relocation options?

Yes, our Mercedes-Benz Stadium relocation process allows you to utilize your seniority in the new stadium alternative selection process. Whether you want to add, upgrade or move your seat location(s), you will be asked to fill out a relocation preference form and be placed in seniority order to select alternative seats.

Who is Legends?

Legends Global Sales was hired by the Atlanta Falcons to design and implement the Mercedes-Benz Stadium sales and marketing plans. The group will represent the Falcons during this process and each season ticket member will be assigned a personal consultant from Legends to walk you through the relocation process.