AMG Lounge & SunTrust Club

AMG Lounge and SunTrust Club members are offered a truly VIP, all-inclusive culinary experience as well as rights to purchase seats for any event or game hosted at Mercedes-Benz Stadium. Members are truly treated to the best-of-the-best.


The AMG Lounge and SunTrust Club are two private clubs located at field level along each sideline, located between the 45 yard lines and exclusive to only 300 Executive Member accounts. AMG Lounge and SunTrust Club seats will guarantee you always have the best sightlines in Mercedes-Benz Stadium. Members will enjoy exclusive viewing access to the home and visiting team players tunnel through floor-to-ceiling windows located in the private dining space.

Private Lounge Access

Exclusive Viewing Access to Players

VIP Entrance into the stadium

VIP Parking

Best Sightlines Guaranteed

All-Inclusive Food & Beverage

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