Kiosk overview

  • What does this kiosk do? The ReadySTATION® kiosk converts cash to a prepaid debit card that can be used anywhere VISA is accepted (inside and outside the stadium).
  • Why do I need a card? Mercedes-Benz Stadium accepts card and mobile payment only. The ReadyCARD issued from the kiosk should be used instead of cash.
  • Is there a fee to load cash onto a card? No, there are no fees to load a card. For example, if you insert $20 cash into the kiosk, your ReadyCARD will have $20 available for use.
  • Can I use cash anywhere in the stadium? All mobile vendors, concession stands, bars, and retail locations require the use of card or mobile payment only.

Loading the card

  • How much cash can I load on a card? You must load at least $10 but may not load more than $1,000 onto the card.
  • What size bills can I load? Kiosk accepts $1, $5, $10, $20, and $100 bills. The first bill loaded must be at least $5.
  • Is the card reloadable? ReadyCARDs are anonymous prepaid cards that can be spent anywhere in the world. Like other anonymous prepaid cards, they are regulated by federal anti-money laundering laws and cannot be reloaded.
  • Do I need to give any personal information? You will have the option of adding a ZIP code to your card that may be required at some outside retailers for fraud prevention.

Using the card

  • Where can I use the card? ReadyCARDs can be used anywhere in the stadium and anywhere VISA is accepted outside the stadium.
  • Can I use multiple payment methods? After using the complete balance on your ReadyCARD, you will be prompted to pay the remaining balance of your bill with another method.
  • How do I check my balance? You can check your balance at any kiosk or by calling ReadyCARD customer service (1-866-345-2315).
  • Can I tip with the card? Yes, digital tipping is enabled on the ReadyCARD.
  • When do refunds get back to my card? Refunds will be available on your card approximately 3 business days after the refund has been processed.
  • Are there fees on the card after loading? After 3 months of inactivity on the ReadyCARD, a monthly dormancy fee of $2.95 will be charged to your card.

Troubleshooting issues with card

  • What do I do if a card does not come out? If you insert cash and a card does not come out, the kiosk will issue a failed transaction receipt. Take this receipt to Guest Services at Sections 116 or 244 and they will assist you further.
  • What if I lose my card? Take your kiosk receipt to Guest Services at Sections 116 or 244 and they will assist you further. If you know your card number, you may call ReadyCARD customer service at 1-866-345-2315 for assistance.
  • Who do I talk to for help? If you have any issues with your card, contact ReadyCARD customer service at 1-866-345-2315 for assistance.

Kiosk Locations: 

  • Gate 1
  • Field Level: Outside of Delta Sky 360 Club and outside Mercedes – Benz Club, Tunnel 4
  • 100 Concourse: Team Store, Sec 122
  • 200 Concourse: Sec 203, Sec 229
  • 300 Concourse: Sec 332