Renewable Energy

Mercedes-Benz Stadium is designed to be extremely energy efficient, leveraging renewable energy sources and innovative design to reduce electrical use by 29%.

The stadium site, and Georgia World Congress Center campus, is equipped with 4,000 solar PV panels.  These solar panels are located in highly visible areas such as the stadium’s ticketing canopies, parking areas, and VIP Entrances to provide shade and help raise awareness for renewable energy.

The solar panels at Mercedes-Benz Stadium produce approximately 1.6 million kilowatt hours of renewable energy per year. That’s enough energy to power 9 Atlanta Falcons games, 13 Atlanta United matches, or 160 households in Atlanta with renewable energy.

The renewable energy generated by Mercedes-Benz Stadium reduces greenhouse gas emissions and provides renewable energy for the Georgia Power electrical grid.


Energy Reduction

Energy reduction was a priority in the design of Mercedes-Benz Stadium, and is a staple in how the venue operates today.  Many of the signature features of Mercedes-Benz Stadium, including the “Window to the City” and the halo board video display, were designed with energy reduction in mind.

The Window to the City, installed on the east side of the stadium, is a single layer of ethylene tetrafluoroethylene (ETFE), that spans 160,000 square feet. ETFE is a durable, lightweight plastic that is translucent, allowing for natural light to filter through.


Photo: Outside and inside views of the Window to the City at Mercedes-Benz Stadium that allows natural light to enter the stadium and reduces overall electrical consumption.


On event days, fans can look out the Window to the City and see a beautiful view of the downtown Atlanta Skyline.  On non-event days, the Window to the City and expansive use of glass allows natural light to flood into the stadium that very few lights need to be turned on to perform routine functions.  Leveraging natural light helps reduce energy consumption while providing a bright and open atmosphere for fans.

Additional energy efficient features built into the stadium include the extensive use of LED lighting throughout the stadium, including the playing field lights.  LED lighting lasts up to 10 times longer and uses as much as 60% less energy than traditional lighting.

These unique features, along with advanced building automation, allow Mercedes-Benz Stadium to offer a world class experience to fans while reducing electrical use by 29%.