STEAM Tours - In-Person and Virtual


Mercedes-Benz Stadium has partnered with Big Thought to build out STEAM based curriculum for grades 3-12 that meets Georgia Standards of Excellence (GSE).

Our Educational Program provides teachers with curriculum that can be included in their lesson plans prior to and after their tour takes place. While students visit the stadium, they will gain the knowledge to complete the lessons and have an understand of how STEAM elements and careers fit into their favorite sports facility. Starting in Fall 2020, we will also offer virtual versions of these tours. Please inquire through the email contact below.

The 60-90 min. in-person experience covers the focus areas below:

  • MBS LEED Platinum Certification, Zero Waste and Sustainability Programs
  • MBS Art Collection partnered with SCAD; Digital and Public Art installations
  • Advanced Technology and the “Future Forward” model
  • Design and Engineering elements
  • Sports and Nutrition; MBS Urban Garden AGSTEM
  • STEAM Career Connections in Sports and Entertainment

This 60 min. experience can be booked by filling out the below form!


STEAM Programs

AGSTEM – coming soon! If interested, EMAIL us! This program will provide curriculum to be used in your school garden and the MBS Garden.

STEAM Events

None scheduled at this time, please check back soon!