Mercedes-Benz Stadium is committed to achieving Zero Waste which is defined by diverting  90% or all more of waste from the landfill.  We strive to achieve zero waste by:

  1. ELIMINATING all unnecessary waste
  2. REDUCING the amount of overall waste generated on site
  3. REUSING, REPURPOSING, OR DONATING materials rather than discarding

All waste that is generated inside of Mercedes-Benz Stadium is collected and transported to the Resource Recovery Room (R3).  In the R3, all contents are separated into the appropriate waste stream.  Mercedes-Benz Stadium collects all bottles, cans and plastics to be properly recycled.  All food waste and other organic materials, such as compostable straws, cups, plates, napkins and utensils, are separated and hauled away by our partner, Gainsville Waste and Recycling (GWAR), to be turned into compost.

Mercedes-Benz Stadium partners with the Center for Hard to Recycle Materials (CHaRM) to recycle unique materials such as paint, batteries, and electronic waste, rather than sending these items to the landfill.

Lifecycle Building Center for Greater Atlanta (LBC) is a resource that helps Mercedes-Benz Stadium pursue zero waste.  LBC is a nonprofit organization that repurposes building materials, such as carpet and other building materials, and puts them back into the community for reuse.

Zero waste stations and awareness signs are located throughout the stadium concourses. Mercedes-Benz Stadium is committed to being a leader in the realm of zero waste venues by implementing a recycling and composting program that will keep a minimum of 90%+ of all waste generated at the stadium from ever going to a landfill.


CHaRM, The Center for Hard to Recycle Materials. The facility is operated by Live Thrive a local nonprofit. It is a permanent drop-off facility that aims to improve our environmental health by encouraging reuse and diverting thousands of pounds of household hazardous waste, bulky trash and other hard to recycle items from Metro-Atlanta landfills and water systems. CHaRM also provides single stream recycling for those that do not have access.

Atlanta’s first permanent facility for the recycling of materials too harmful or bulky to place at the curb, Live Thrive’s CHaRM – the Center for Hard to Recycle Materials – encourages reuse while diverting thousands of tons of household hazardous waste, bulky materials and other hard to recycle items from local homes, water supplies and landfills.

Learn more about CHaRM here!


Food Recovery

Mercedes-Benz Stadium has partnered with Second Helpings Atlanta to donate unused food from the stadium to provide meals directly to the Westside Atlanta community.  Following an event, Mercedes-Benz Stadium packages unused and prepared food for pickup.  Second Helpings Atlanta volunteers arrive shortly after to transport the food to local agencies for distribution.

To date, more than 105,500 pounds of food have been donated to Second Helpings Atlanta, creating over 131,875 meals for Atlanta residents in need.

Learn more about Second Helpings here.