On gamedays, The Home Depot Backyard will transform into a tailgating location for avid fans to come together and create a fun and exciting experience. Mercedes-Benz Stadium has partnered with Tailgate Guys to offer fans access to various gameday packages with amenities such as tents, TV packages, tables, chairs and more. The packages offer access to bellhop services, an onsite concierge, catering and a boosted tailgating atmosphere before and after the games. Packages can be reserved on a full-season, multi-game and individual game basis while space is available.

Fans interested in parking and tailgate packages can learn more about how to reserve their spot here:

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • The Home Depot Backyard Parking


    0.01 miles from stadium Google Street View

    A large, well-lit, grass parking lot that is fantastic for tailgating and located conveniently off Northside Drive. This premium lot is as close to the Gate 1 entrance as you can get!  Unique rules apply for this lot:

    No trailers or oversized vehicles permitted
    Propane grills only.  Charcoal grills are not permitted to protect the natural grass for future events
    Glass containers of any kind are not permitted
    All tailgating activities must end 30 minutes after kickoff
    Pass holders must exit no later than 2 hours post game or by midnight for evening games.

    For a list of full rules and regulations, please view the drop-downs below.

    Directions to lot: for directional assistance on gameday, please be sure to download Waze for turn by turn directions. https://www.waze.com/livemap?zoom=17&lat=33.75689&lon=-84.40163

    Entrance to lot only available from Northside Drive entrance. When entering the lot please follow our parking attendant instructions on where and in which space to park. Specific parking spaces cannot be requested or retained and groups must arrive together in order to park next to each other.

     Mobile Pass Accepted
     Tailgating Allowed
     ADA Parking

  • The Home Depot Backyard Tailgating

    Q: What are your tailgating policies?

    A: Mercedes-Benz Stadium has partnered with Tailgate Guys offering fans access to various gameday packages with amenities such as tents, TV packages, tables, chairs and more. Packages have access to bellhop services, onsite concierge, catering and a boosted tailgating atmosphere before and after the games. Packages can be reserved on a full-season, multi-game and individual game basis while space is available.


    • No Trailers or Oversized Vehicles
    • Lot will open 4.5 hours prior to Falcons games.
    • No Charcoal Grills (propane only, to protect the grass)
    • No Glass Containers
    • All tailgating activities must end 30min after the start of the game
    • Post-game, tailgating may resume provided that you are exiting the lot no later than 2 hours after the game or by midnight depending on the time of the game


    Q: When will spaces be available for Falcons games?

    A:  We are beginning the on-sale process now starting with our season ticket members, a similar process as we do for all parking.

    Q:  What are the level of packages for Falcons games?

    A: The tailgating packages for Falcons fans that already have tickets are provided by Tailgate Guys. Contact information and package options for these fans can be found on https://tailgateguys.com/home/falcons.


    Q: Will this only be open to Falcons season ticket holders or will it be open to general public?

    A: Tailgating will be available to all fans. Falcons season ticket members, corporate hospitality and single event tailgating. Fans looking for a tailgate package who are also in need of tickets can contact: Brian Axe, baxe@falcons.nfl.com

    Q: How does this work for Atlanta United?

    A: We are going to test a similar model for three Atlanta United matches in 2018.  As we look forward to 2019, we’ll see what makes sense for Atlanta United supporters, season ticket members, and those looking to tailgate.


    Q: Will I have this same option for other events in the stadium?

    A: The tailgating and parking options will vary by event type, but we anticipate tailgating through The Tailgate Guys being available for many of the major concerts and sporting events.  More information to come.


    Q: How early can I arrive and how late can we stay for Falcons games?

    A: The Home Depot Backyard lot will open 4.5 hours before kick-off.  All fans are encouraged to leave the HDBY and enjoy the game from your seats once the game begins.  Fans will be allowed to remain at your tailgate for two hours after the game ends or until midnight for later start times.


    Q: How many spaces are there?

    A: There are roughly 520 parking spaces in the Home Depot Backyard, however some of this area will be used for tailgating and not parking.


    Q: Will there be security in the area?

    A: The safety and security of our fans is a top priority.  Yes, we will have security personnel onsite to ensure that everyone has a chance to enjoy their experience.

  • The Home Depot Backyard Programming

    Q: What is happening in The Home Depot Backyard during non-game days?

    A: The Home Depot Backyard will offer a curated and diverse set of year-round activities focusing on enriching Atlantans lives and uplifting the community.  The fall programming season will test a limited number of events within three key pillars: arts and culture, health and wellness, and service-oriented activations.


    Q: Is The Home Depot Backyard open to the public?

    A: Yes, The Home Depot Backyard will be open daily to the public.  The park or sections of the lawn may occasionally be closed to the public due to game-day activities, special events, lawn aeration, fertilization, or protection during wet weather.


    Q: Who will be able to utilize the Home Depot Backyard and when?

    A: The Home Depot Backyard is open to the public for use and in addition, we will work with strategic partners in the community to program events.  The Home Depot Backyard is quickly becoming a sought-after location for concerts, special events and sponsor activations. We carefully consider events in the park for their potential to support our commitment to free cultural programming for the public. We are in the process of developing the policies, procedures, and partner criteria.


    Q: When will The Home Depot Backyard open?

    A: September 2018.


    Q:  Who is the intended audience?

    A: The Home Depot is intended to be a city-wide community asset which includes the neighboring west side community.  Our goal is to use the Backyard to reconnect the Westside to the rest of Atlanta, to bridge this physical and cultural divide. We will create a unique opportunity to connect the Westside to downtown through access and deliberate programming that will share the Westside’s rich history with Atlanta and bring new exciting experiences to the Westside.


    Q: What will The Home Depot’s involvement be?

    A: We are excited to partner with Home Depot on service oriented projects and programming that aligns with their community goals, initiatives and community partners.


    Q:  Who is the proper contact to reserve a space for an event in The Home Depot Backyard?

    A:  We are scheduling a limited number of events during the Fall season with some of our existing partners. We look forward to expanding our programming in Spring 2019 and will begin accepting event proposals in October of this year. Inquiries should be submitted using the contact us feature at mercedesbenzstadium.com/the-home-depot-backyard


    Q:  What are the related costs to host events in The Home Depot Backyard?

    A: Fees will be determined based on the scope of the event.  We look at the size, duration, and nature of the event to determine its impact on the Home Depot Backyard, and we also distinguish between commercial and noncommercial events. We encourage non-profits and corporate partners to submit an event proposal to get an estimate of charges related to their event needs. We will begin accepting event proposals for the Spring 2019 season in October.


    Q: Is any of the construction cost coming from public financing?

    A: No, this project is all privately funded.


    Q: Will the bridge over Northside Drive connect to the HD Backyard?

    A: Yes, the bridge will provide a gateway from the MARTA station to the stadium plaza invites everyone to access the amenities across Northside Drive.


    Q: Will the construction of the HD Backyard impact traffic or close any roads?

    A: We do not anticipate road closures at this time.  We are working closely with the City of Atlanta and the Georgia World Congress Center Authority to minimize any impacts of construction related to The Home Depot Backyard, the Pedestrian Bridge and the Orange Deck.


    Q: Do you have events already booked?

    A: Aside from game-day events, we have scheduled a limited number of events and will be sharing those details in the months to come.


    Q: Will the Home Depot Backyard provide parking for the Super Bowl?  How will it be used?

    A: The Super Bowl experience is designed by the NFL.  Mercedes-Benz Stadium will not be activating the Home Depot Backyard during the weeks leading to the Super Bowl.  It has not been determined at this time how the NFL will utilize the space.


    Q: Will there be a grand opening event?  If so, when?

    A: An opening event is still to be determined.  We are examining a variety of options, but no date or experience has been set yet.


    Q: Will The Home Depot Backyard be staffed? Will there be security?

    A: Safety and security is a top priority. Our team will work with GWCCA to ensure that we have security that is comparable to the rest of the campus, and we currently plan to have on-site security 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.


    Q: What are the hours of operation?

    A: We are in the process of determining hours of operation, but we anticipate that it will be accessible seven days a week, with exception of game days and special events. Hours of operation will vary seasonally. This fall, operating hours will be 7am –9pm except when a program or event is taking place.

The Home Depot Backyard