Community Urban Garden:

  1. As part of the LEED Platinum design, Mercedes-Benz Stadium installed edible landscape and an onsite urban garden on the exterior of the building to create a biological ecosystem within a built environment. The urban garden is used as a laboratory for our AGSTEM program, Westside Works Culinary program, and our stadium associates, with a hands-on approach to growing food and carbon sequestration.
  2. Using the garden as a place to share the importance of our food system’s ecological footprint, we connect these lessons to the overall sustainability effort at Mercedes-Benz Stadium. For example, soil regeneration as a best practice in the urban garden, is a key element to fighting climate change, and also improves our personal nutrient intake from the meals we eat. By growing our own food and utilizing compost in the Mercedes-Benz Stadium urban garden, we allow a full circle food system to thrive!

Gallery: The urban garden at Mercedes-Benz Stadium features edible landscape of apples, blueberries, strawberries and more while providing educational opportunities for students and the neighboring communities.   


STEAM Program:

Mercedes-Benz Stadium has established a STEAM based curriculum for grades 3-12 that meets the Georgia Department of Education’s Georgia Standards of Excellence (GSE) criteria. STEAM focuses educational efforts on science, technology, engineering, art, and math.

The Mercedes-Benz Stadium’s STEAM program pairs a tailored STEAM stadium tour with a classroom curriculum that teachers can incorporate into their lesson plans pre and post stadium tour. Interactive activities at Mercedes-Benz Stadium allow students to see STEAM disciplines applied directly to the stadium environment, igniting professional aspirations to pursue careers in related fields.

Mercedes-Benz Stadium STEAM Curriculum Subjects Include:

  • LEED Platinum Certification, Green Infrastructure, and Sustainability Programming
  • Stadium Art Collection in partnership with SCAD; Digital and Public Art installations
  • Advanced Technology and the “Future Forward” model
  • Modern Marvel Design and Engineering elements
  • AGSTEM, and Arthur M. Blank Sports and Entertainment STEAM Careers

The Mercedes-Benz Stadium STEAM program allows students to create connections with their individual world while  providing a new perspective from our non-traditional classroom setting.


Photos: Mercedes-Benz Stadium’s STEAM Program provides a wide-range of educational and engaging opportunities for students throughout Atlanta.    


To learn more or plan your STEAM tour, head to Stadium Tours – Mercedes Benz Stadium.