Stormwater Management:

Managing stormwater is an important issue for Atlanta’s westside that has experienced issues with flooding.  The stadium sits in the head waters of the Proctor Creek watershed that flows west toward the Chattahoochee River.  As good neighbors, Mercedes-Benz Stadium is equipped with a 2.1 million gallon stormwater management system made up of bioswales, a cistern, and a stormwater vault.

A bioswale is a landscape feature that collects stormwater runoff from the stadium site. The bioswales assist with the collection, cleaning, and conveyance of stormwater.

Mercedes-Benz Stadium’s 680,000-gallon cistern harvests rainwater that is used for irrigating the exterior landscape and for make-up water for the stadium’s cooling towers.

The stadium is also equipped with a 1.1 million gallon underground stormwater vault designed to capture and slowly release stormwater to help prevent flooding in the neighboring communities.

The design and function of the stormwater management system contributed to Mercedes-Benz Stadium receiving all water-related credits as part of the LEED Platinum certification and allows for the stadium use of recycled water where appropriate.



Photo: One of the many bioswales located at Mercedes-Benz Stadium that helps with stormwater management.


Water Conservation:

Mercedes-Benz Stadium achieved every available water related credit under LEED certification and is designed to achieve a 47% reduction in water use.

For example, nearly all plumbing fixtures inside of the stadium, including faucets and toilets in the concourse restrooms, are equipped with “low-flow” plumbing fixtures that use significantly less water in comparison to traditional plumbing fixtures. Further, the men’s restrooms at Mercedes-Benz Stadium are outfitted with waterless urinals.

The stormwater management system on the exterior of the stadium also contributes to Mercedes-Benz Stadium’s water conservation efforts. The captured stormwater collected in the underground 680,000 gallon cistern is used for landscape and urban garden irrigation at the stadium.