A culinary experience at Mercedes-Benz Stadium managed and operated by Westside Works Culinary Graduates and Students.

Located on Concourse 300, West Nest is a concession dedicated to the culinary arts graduates of Westside Works with a portion of the proceeds being recycled back into the program to provide other Westside residents with culinary training.

Fueled by graduates of the Westside Works culinary program, this is a revolutionary concession concept that Atlanta fans will be sure to enjoy.  

West Nest Grayscale

Available at Section 324:

• Hand Breaded Free Range Chicken Sandwich - 11.00 hand breaded, crispy chicken thigh, douz south chow chow, honey hot sauce, challah bun

• Premium Chicken in Waffle Bowl - 10.00 tempura battered chicken tender, waffle fries, waffle bowl, Cool'ade pickles, honey hot sauce

• ATL Spicy Chicken Sausage - 8.00 spicy chicken sausage, onions, pepper

• Classic Hot Dog - 2.00

• Waffle Fries - 3.00

• Large Premium Draft Beer - 9.00 

• Large Domestic Draft Beer - 7.00 

• Regular Premium Draft Beer - 6.00 

• Regular Domestic Draft Beer - 5.00 

• Souvenir Soda - 4.00 

• Regular Soda - 2.00 

• Bottled Water - 2.00

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