By the Numbers


71,000 Seating Capacity (Expandable to 75K)

7,600 Club Seats

190 Suites

63,800 Scoreboard Size in Square Feet (1st in NFL)

14.5 Roof Size in Acres

58 Scoreboard Height in Feet

21,000 Parking Spaces

673 Concession Points of Sale

Now with Retractable Hard-Top

Inspired by the oculus in the ancient Roman Pantheon, Mercedes-Benz Stadium’s retractable roof can open in 10 minutes or less to let the sunshine and fresh air in.

Made of a high-tech, lightweight plastic polymer known for its strength and corrosion resistance, the iconic roof consists of eight translucent “camera-lens” style petals. When these petals slide open, the oval-shaped roof opening spans the length of the field past each end zone and across the field over new sideline patio seating.


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